What danger lurks in open hearts
And how we fall into its trap
But joy is something we all want
It’s part of a lifetime map.
And those of us lucky in one way
Find a match and a lover for life
And those not so lucky in life’s great test
Miss the wonder, but also the strife.
It’s not for all of course, we differ
But the heart guides us all on our way
Some people stop many times to find love
Finding only that it left yesterday.
Perhaps it’s really about surviving
In this complex world where we dwell
There is much tech interference
But no actual people to tell.
One day we may all live in city blocks
Where no one will ever see a soul
And conversing will all be over the net
And under Big Brother’s control.
But the heart finds a way
It’s its nature
And love will survive as always
Of that you can be sure.

©JoeW – Love…2021

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