In shadows at night I can still see your face
And by closing my eyes, I make out your voice
It hurts so much now that I’m on my own
But I loved you so much; I’ve really no choice.
Is this what the future will hold for me now
The loneliness that brings so much pain
I must hold the years that we had to my heart
And I’ll sleep just to see you again.
Daylight returns, and the sky turns to blue
So I watch you as you slowly wake
And the shadows depart to that dark, empty place
And I smile at my silly mistake.


©Joe Wilson – Shadows…2014

Only Waiting

Bury me where you find me; bury me nice and deep
Bury me, remember me, and sleep a peaceful sleep.
And dream of joy, not sorrow; dream of peace, not fear
And dream of your tomorrow, and I’ll not disappear.
And dream of us throughout your life; keep me in your heart
And though you’ll go through utter strife, we’ll never be apart.
And dream of all the love we had; dream of all the laughter
And dream, and dream, and don’t be sad; we’ll meet in the here-after.
And dream of happy lovers; dream of you and me
And slowly you’ll discover, you’ll smile again: you’ll see.
And dream of me when you’re alone, and you will see my face
And you’ll not be all on you’re own, but in my warm embrace.
Bury me where you find me, bury me nice and deep
Bury me, remember me, and I will go to sleep.
But I will wait for you my dear, through every lifelong storm
And when you come to join me here I’ll help to keep you warm.
Bury her where you find me, bury her nice and deep
Remember her, remember me, and we will go to sleep.

From the Anthology – A Question of Balance
Published by Jeffrey Franz Owings Mills Maryland 21117
Library of Congress ISBN 1-56167-038-3 (1992)

Hallo! There’s Someone In My Head.

I’m just sitting here, inside this shell
The feeling’s returned that I know so well
I need to do such a natural thing
But I cannot move, nor even ring
Out to anyone who goes by
And they will not look me in the eye.
I wonder if they wonder, if I have a brain
Obviously I have!! Or I’d not feel the pain
Not the hurt from the bones that are crooked and bent
But the being ignored: as if my life meant …. NOTHING.
In time they will wheel me off to the place
That sharpest reminder to me of disgrace
Then they’ll clean me and dry me, and put me to bed
I could easily give up and wish myself dead
But I am important; if only to me
So I’ll sit here and watch, and hope things will be.
One day, perhaps, the ill will subside
And inside my head I’ll not have to hide
I’ll travel away from this place at long last
Ah, but what foolish dreams…the die has been cast.

© JRW1990
I wrote this poem in memory of my mother who suffered for five very long years after having multiple strokes. By the time she died the poor woman had had approximately seventeen.

God Tried: He Really Did. A Poem for Peace

He stirred, as from an ancient sleep
To look in horror at the deep
And painful scars across the land
And He began to understand
What Man had done: what legacy
Had come to pass, had come to be
And He did think what must be done
It would need help from everyone
To make this planet whole again
He sent His Son; and his twelve men
To go in PEACE and spread the word
To say that killing is absurd.
And years have passed: it hasn’t stopped
The blood spills out: so much has dropped
It stains the land that we have claimed
Please; it’s time to be ashamed
We have to find a better way
Everyone must stand and say
Enough’s enough! It has to stop
We mustn’t waste another drop
The planet must again be whole
We need to exercise control
Beneath the skin we all are one
The boy you kill could be my son
I couldn’t cope with that. Could you?
Put down your guns; and I will to.
And we will make a better place
To house the SINGLE human race.

©Joe Wilson – God Tried, he really did [A Poem for Peace]
I donated this poem to the International Society of Poets who in turn
donated it to The United Nations to join the other 40,000 poems that
made up ‘The longest poem in the world’. It is a poem for PEACE.

A Place Of Tranquility (re-edited)



The wind was howling and the trees were bare
I called your name, there was no one there
And as darkness gathered all around
And stillness – there was not a sound.

It was then I saw Him watching me
With eyes so sad that I could see
He felt the sorrow and sensed my pain
He knew I’d not see you again.

He surrounded me with a kindly peace
As if He knew there was no release
And all my tears welled up inside
Emotions that I’d tried to hide
All came tumbling, tumbling down
And fell like raindrops to the ground
And in that moment I think I knew
What He, Himself, had once been through.

I stood and looked into the night
Of Him there was no longer sight
And thus I left that Holy place
Myself at peace, and you in grace
And though my life will just go on
Forever now we’ll be as one
But when I go back to that place
I’ll hope to see His peaceful face.

©Joe Wilson – A Place of Tranquility 1994 (re-edited 2014)

Hard Fights And Very Small Triumphs. A life … A death.

The small private ward was now peaceful, but stark
No one was lying asleep in the dark
A young man had fought there all night for his life
She’d waited outside, his pregnant young wife.
The fight had been lost and there was no disguise
That could easily cover the hurt in the eyes
Of the doctors and nurses who’d seen the man’s pain
As they’d struggled to save him, as they’d struggled in vain.
Above and along in a different room
A baby emerged from a young mother’s womb
It was pretty and perfect as babies should be
The cord had been cut and the baby was free.
The husband and wife knew that they had been blessed
When their daughter was placed by the new mothers breast
She drank and she fed as her journey began
And they thought about names as they started to plan.
Very soon after the young man had died
His wife lost her baby and everyone cried
At the terrible waste they had witnessed that night
All wishing that they could make everything right.
But life in a hospital has to go on
There’s always more caring that needs to be done
Others will wait where the pregnant wife sat
But with happier outcomes, they all pray for that.


©Joe Wilson – Hard fights and very small triumphs. A life … a death…1994