God Tried: He Really Did. A Poem for Peace

He stirred, as from an ancient sleep
To look in horror at the deep
And painful scars across the land
And He began to understand
What Man had done: what legacy
Had come to pass, had come to be
And He did think what must be done
It would need help from everyone
To make this planet whole again
He sent His Son; and his twelve men
To go in PEACE and spread the word
To say that killing is absurd.
And years have passed: it hasn’t stopped
The blood spills out: so much has dropped
It stains the land that we have claimed
Please; it’s time to be ashamed
We have to find a better way
Everyone must stand and say
Enough’s enough! It has to stop
We mustn’t waste another drop
The planet must again be whole
We need to exercise control
Beneath the skin we all are one
The boy you kill could be my son
I couldn’t cope with that. Could you?
Put down your guns; and I will to.
And we will make a better place
To house the SINGLE human race.

©Joe Wilson – God Tried, he really did [A Poem for Peace]
I donated this poem to the International Society of Poets who in turn
donated it to The United Nations to join the other 40,000 poems that
made up ‘The longest poem in the world’. It is a poem for PEACE.

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