The Lady on the Hill

I see a fine looking lady sitting on a hill
Pretty flowers all around her and she’s sitting so still
She is watching a little girl play with a ball
She smiles at the sight and is totally enthralled.

The little girl laughed as she chased the ball down
If she got too far away the fine lady frowned
One time the ball ran over my way
So I rolled it right back, she continued to play.

The lady then opened a hamper to eat
There were biscuits and cakes and many a treat
The little girl tried a small sandwich at first
Biting it gingerly with her tiny lips pursed.

She was smiling again as she ate a cream cake
That was much more enjoyable, there was no mistake
After fruit juice and tea it was all put away
They gathered their things and called it a day.

I often see them both up on the hill
I sit here and watch them and smile
The girl calls me Daddy, the fine lady, dear
And we all leave together for our home close to here.


If You Love someone

If you are with someone
If you stay with that someone always
If almost every thought includes that person
If you care for them like no one else
If you try really hard never to hurt them
If you try desperately never to disappoint them
If you stay awake until they sleep to be sure they’re safe
And if you rise early to watch them wake so that you can see in the new day together
You are enjoying being in love with that someone
In the way I enjoy being in love with you.