Cold outside — well what do you expect!
It’s Winter and the mercury’s dropped
There’s snow on the way, kids wrap up and play
And there’ll be Snowmen soon on display.

There’ll be big ones and small ones and some wearing hats
Some wearing scarfs and some holding bats
To children they’re real and a friend for a while
Watching them play with them just makes us smile.

And then they are gone just as fast as they came
The cold days drag on but it won’t be the same
The kids play through Springtime, the Summer and Fall
But really they’re waiting for the Snowman to call.

He’s a magical presence that kids all adore
They play with him all through the day
He’s handsome and large and has only one flaw
He has to be gone by the end of the thaw.


Will I Always Feel This Lost?

I hear a sound, perhaps it’s the wind
I’ve even imagined that maybe it’s Him
It’s only a whisper as quiet, so quiet
Calling a name, a name, I’m not sure
I think if He called He’d want someone pure.

But does He exist? I lost all my faith
In my denial I’ve always felt safe
I could claim His existence was purely a myth
Though now as years start to dwindle away
I find I’m not sure, I’m minded to say.

Life is so precious, I hold it so dear
I want to gather all those I care for near
But I’m hearing that whisper again, but so quiet
Is it calling or am I willing it on?
Show yourself voice — or dammit be gone!

It’s quiet now, did I offend
My distorted emotion tried to pretend
I want Him to be real, most surely I do
But the loss is still raw after all of these years
Could He ever explain why I still shed my tears?