I don’t really know how I got here
My mind is completely blank
I’m cold and I’m wet and I’m filthy
And my hair is all long and lank.

I appear to be locked in a cellar
Not quite dark, there’s a little poor light
I’m awake, or at least I assume so
Was I drugged when I passed out last night?

No noise can be heard from the outside
No sound can be heard from within
Till a huge man leans in at the doorway
And I sense all the trouble I’m in.

He doesn’t ask, so much as point towards me
I get up and he shoves me through the door
It comes back to me all of a sudden
When I see the dead man on the floor.

Information that must never be surrendered
Is why the dead man lies there in the room
He was brave as they made me watch his death
And I fear that I may follow soon.

I’ve seen things here that I must not ever talk of
Things so terrible and on such a large-scale
Telling people, even those on my own side
Would cause panic and killing without fail.

But I signed up to do this kind of duty
Someone has to report what goes on
And as they hold my head under for just a moment too long
I know with my very last breath that I’ve won.


Kinda Sluggish – 16 January 2014

This is an awesome man helping out in the community. We should all be this thoughtful.





16 January 2014

Chuck Senior in his wheelchair, with Sandy on his lap, were crossing Laurier, so I waited for them. He expertly maneuvered, in reverse, into his spot.  Sandy raised her head, eager to be petted.

Chuck said, “Remember the other day, I asked you to stand on the other side because I hoped one of my regulars would be coming by? Not five minutes after you left he came by and dropped a twenty into my cap. Then a woman came from the other direction dropped a five and a ten.  Instead of  being parked outside Tim Horton’s I splurged and went inside for a coffee — a regular paying customer. It was nice to get out of the cold. I didn’t come by yesterday because I was just too tired. I took a sleeping pill last night and slept from six in the evening right through…

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Six Nations

Looking out across the field
At teams of men none whom would yield
Ready to battle against a side
Honour needing to be satisfied.

Men stood in centre, others at flanks
Some so huge they resembled tanks
The anthems sung, the talking done
A hard match now that could be won.

A roar goes up, the game begins
Arms and legs and knees and chins
All will be used in this affray
One side will win on this vital day.

The rain held off, there was no mud
On verdant grass these hard men stood
And then the egg-shaped pill flew high
Wingers to catch and go for tries.

Heroes were made upon that day
Of men who’d fight another day
Amidst loud cheers and celebrations
Battle Royal between Six Nations.