Betrayed Trust

Sorrow poured out of his very soul
It seeped into all his many things
All he touched reminded him of his foolishness
It was the howling anguish of the loss he now felt
But his distrusting nature, unfounded, had cast her guilty
He had crossed the line and told her he no longer trusted her.

She felt so betrayed by his lack of trust
The pain so raw she could hardly breathe
It hadn’t occurred to her that he would misunderstand
They’d loved each other almost all their lives, how could he?
His distrust was so unfounded, she felt so hurt
Where could they ever go from here?

The question hangs in the air, neither willing to act
He unable to forgive himself for his distrust
She not able to forgive him for the same thing
Yet both loving the other to a similar distraction
Ardency makes men do foolish and disastrous things
And leaves women to pick up all the broken pieces.