Slowly the battle starts to rage
The fight begins anew
The warring factors in my brain
That once were knocked askew.

It starts with just a low headache
That creeps up from the back
It reaches to my temples
And thus begins the attack.

‘Ere long it’s in full fury
The pressure starts to build
My head feels like it will explode
It seems with war completely filled.

Once more my hand reaches to the drawer
Seeking out the prescribed relief
Without the drugs the pain gets worse
Pain becomes a rationale thief.

Contorted now upon the floor
My pain-wracked body twisting hard
I can’t take more, I need the drugs
But against addiction I must guard.

My mind drifts off as drugs take hold
Again the pain is put away
From time to time it will come back
It’s just I’ll never know the day.



The Phone Call

I hadn’t had a plan for this, I hadn’t planned at all
So when the phone rang on that day I was taken aback by the call
A call like that is incredibly rare, indeed it’s hardly fair
And so with you dear reader its nature I will share.

There was a man at the end of the line, his name I didn’t get
And it seemed from what he told me, I’d won millions of pounds, and yet…
He would of course need my details, my name and my address
By now it was getting quite involved, but vital he did stress.

Next of course it was my bank, the details he would want
So he could send the mighty cheque into a new account
I said to him, forget it mate, my info you’ll not get
and so it seems I will not be a millionaire just yet.