Babies – For Mothers Everywhere

The most wonderful feeling you’ll know in this world
Is holding a baby as its fingers unfurled
The joy in the heart, the tears in the eyes
A genuine happiness you just can’t disguise.

A thing of pure innocence looks back at you
But you’re new like this baby, what do you do
Well now ask for Mum’s help, her Mother helped her
Mothers help daughters, that’s how histories occur.

While men are off fighting or just acting the fool
Mothers feed children and send them to school
Where they will go then, what they will do
The choice is for them, but the guidance is YOU.

‘With Mother’s Day 2014 coming soon,
I dedicate this poem to all Mothers everywhere’


One thought on “Babies – For Mothers Everywhere

  1. Ian Newton

    We should just have a ‘parents day’ combine the role we both play…lets not separate us..we’re both always enjoy your talent and its not a criticism, my talented friend.:-)

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