My waking hours

Joe Wilson Nikon D80 Focal length 270mm F/6.3 1/320sec
Joe Wilson Nikon D80
Focal length 270mm
F/6.3 1/320sec

Pleasant thoughts of beauty
fill my waking hours
watching you, just watching you
as you tend your beloved flowers.

I’ve watched with joy for many years
and I always feel the same
as beautiful as the flowers are
to you they can’t hold a flame.

Flowers grow from your loving care
and in the breeze I see
they seem to smile as you pass them
I think they agree with me.

I sometimes wonder as I watch
how life could be so kind
to grant me life within a world
that allowed me you to find.

And as the dusk approaches
a halo glows round your head
perhaps you are an angel
and I’m in Heaven instead.

©Joe Wilson – My waking hours 2014

Unintended consequences

crash image

He woke up
thus it was a good day.

By the time he was dressed
he was just about ready
for his first cup of joe.

He walked down to the nearest eating place
and ordered breakfast, plus their largest coffee
– black.

The eggs were good, the bacon too and
though the coffee was only adequate
sadly it just had to do.

He got out his phone and called his partner
who must have been waiting for him
as he was there in minutes. He too had a coffee
– black.

He put some money on the table
and they both left.

So far it was still a good day.

Things change and sometimes
in the least expected way.

They got in his partner’s car and
his partner pulled away from the kerb.

They both heard the loud grinding noise
a lifetime before they ever saw anything.
The force of the out of control wagon
drove their car right over an embankment
and down a four foot bank into deep water.

Had they not been killed by the crash they
would have drowned anyway as the car was
buried in the mud at the bottom of that
particular gravel pit by the weight of
the wagon on top of it.

It hadn’t been a good day after all.
Not a bit of it.

©Joe Wilson – Unintended consequences 2014