The now empty garden

The garden looks lovely at this time of day
but an essential is no longer here
for without your feel for its Gaia
It’s not really a garden now I fear.

I touch a rose and see your beautiful face
in hibiscus and camellia I see it there too
but it misses your gentle encouragement
and their beauty just doesn’t shine through.

I sit on a small garden bench in the shade
and I think of the things that we said
tears start to fall and they just cannot stop
how I wish for those good times instead.

I’ll carry on tending our garden
I know that you’d like it that way
but the magic that lived in the garden
is no longer to be found there each day.


©Joe Wilson – The now empty garden 2014

The Unmoving Heron!


For an age I stared at that heron
my camera poised ready to prove
that if you stare long enough at a heron
the awkward buggers just will not move.

But the moment you put down your camera
and move your eye line a little to one side
the sod takes off while you’re not looking
and there’s loads of loud groans in the hide.

©Joe Wilson – The Unmoving Heron! 2014

Keep going…

They set out together a long time ago
there was a keenness to their gait
whatever was going to be thrown at them
they’d take in their stride and then leave to fate.

They made many new friends along the way
with hearts so stout and true
and some friends are with them still today
’cause they’re good people through and through.

Their journey took them far and wide
it has been one hell of a ride
there were hardships aplenty along the road
but they never left each other’s side.

And now they are here in the twilight years
the journey’s not over for them yet
the gait is less keen and they have their fears
but they’ve got plenty of mileage in them yet.

©Joe Wilson – Keep going…2014