Rabbit 1 – Fox 0…

A Fox Chasing a Rabbit Adolf Mackeprang (1833-1911)
A Fox Chasing a Rabbit
Adolf Mackeprang

He saw me watching as he was eating his fill
with me he seemed totally unconcerned
but then out of nowhere his enemy pounced
a fox on the hunt for his tea unannounced
but as the fox struck the rabbit’s head turned,
a chase ensued and the fox he got burned.

The rabbit ran zig-zag all over the field
with the fox giving chase with all might
the rabbit charged this way, the fox it went that
by the time it was over I was laughing in my hat
then the rabbit reached his hole and he shot out of sight
the fox had to give up, he’d go hungry tonight.


©Joe Wilson – Rabbit 1 – Fox 0…2014

For children.