The Raven’s Mistress

The raven lands as she calls him
For she is the Queen of this place
She has the power to return him
To his once more human place.

For long ago as a man he had spurned her
Believing not that she was so strong
A foolish, foolish man was he then
In each beat of his wings he now knows he was wrong.

So she calls and he comes and she looks at him
And he looks at her through his human eyes
But he sees a strange look of regret in her
It’s a feeling he can still recognise.
©Joe Wilson – The Raven’s Mistress 2014

The sirens call…

The siren beckons...
The siren beckons…


I hear the wailing cries that call
They’re calling out to me
They call to draw the sailors down
To the shore at the bottom of the sea.

No one can ever resist their call
And so I fear I must go
If ever I find my way back home
Would I even really know.

The wailing calls grow louder
My captain lashed me to the mast
But the calls are strong and they took him
And I don’t know if I can last.

It matters not if you stop listening
For they find their way into your head
You just have to get away and onto dry land
Or they’ll pull you down to the sea bed.

At last I see dry land is yonder
It is almost within my reach
but the ropes that tie have undone now
And my feet can’t quite touch the beach.

I hear the wailing cries that call
They have now come to get only me
My mind is so full of their wailing
That I’m lost and can never be free.

©Joe Wilson – The sirens call…2014