Man v man…

Why does Man so burden man
By treating man so badly
Does Man just sit and shake his head
And watch those vulnerable, sadly.
Man should rise and take the strain
To ease the suffering of man
For Man has power within his grasp
To do all that he can.

Those Men may hold the power
Those Men do have the wealth
But every five long years or so
The man moves you round with stealth.
For man is the real Puppet-master
Man just a mean Punchinello
And when it gets right down to the point
Man is corruption’s bedfellow.

As Man feasts at the table
Another man goes broke
Uncaring Man pollutes the air
While another man must choke.
Despite the wealth that Man has though
Man creates austerity
Yet man becomes a greater man
Than Man can ever be.

©Joe Wilson – Man v man…2015