A small footprint to signify ones life…

And so you reach your final scene
Will someone know that you have been
Did you enjoy a fulfilled life
Or was it filled with pain and strife
And did you ever stop and find
Enough surprise to blow your mind
Did music lift your spirits high
And books so thrill you by and by
Or were perhaps these not for you
You found more sporty things to do.

Did you find someone to love
Who made your heart soar high above
And was your faith a boring drone
That made you feel the need to moan
Or did it lift your spiritual tone
And let you know you weren’t alone.
Have you made a difference
Of complex times have you made sense
And have you done the best you can
Or been a swine or harridan
Is your humbleness well known
Or is your call a megaphone?

We are so many, we differ so
How others feel we sometimes know
But if we’re generous in our hearts
Friendships grow from gentle starts
And you can love just who you choose
The loveless are the ones to lose
As those who love care for the land
Embracing nature, no demand
And making way to journey’s end
When sometimes death seems like a friend
Perhaps reflect and leave this hint
We all should leave a small footprint.

©Joe Wilson – A small footprint to signify ones life…2015

The curate who jostled with his kinsman…

faerie wedding

I fell into step with Warrilow, as we both strolled along
And we chatted of things and all sorts, as we weaved through nature’s throng
He was very tall was Warrilow, at over one foot five
And he saw things from his lofty stance like no one else alive.
No one could see with quite the romance
The fawns and the faeries in bright shiny dance
And all of the time as we shambled along
In the roof of my mind I could hear a sweet songnature
And it sang of companions and friendship and things
And it sang of the beauty of butterfly wings
As onward we walked back into The Dell
For he was a faerie…and I was as well.

We were off to a faerie wedding
The finest in all the land
But of course, if you’re not a faerie
You really can’t understand.

All other faeries would be there
Among them a kinsman to all
For the wedding of a beautiful faerie queen
The most beautiful fae in the Great Meeting Hall
They’ve all jostled to get into position
They all wanted a jolly good view
And when Warrilow walked in, he’s the Curate
Who would make into one, what was two.
The Queen in her fine regalia was a beauty for all to see
The groom was a very lucky young man and that piece of luck fell to me.
Wassailing took place and much mead was supped
And all was so happy as they cheered cheer
Then we all left the Dell and set out on our way
And as if with a puff! we all disappeared.

©Joe Wilson – The curate who jostled with his kinsman…2015

This was written as a piece of whimsy following a challenge on a poetry site.

One planet, one goal…

In woeful ignorance man toils away
A crust for the table, for his kin
Wealth creation with barely a whisper
Is so often the wages of sin.

There will be no Earth that the week shall gain
As the land gets destroyed by the rich
Desperate to draw all last ounces of wealth
From every last exploited ditch.

But the poor need to feed and clothe their flock
So the workload is for them to do
And the ones making profit as forests disappear
Sit a long way away blaming you.

And they talk of the wonder of the planets
The chances of life on another
It’s nonsense of course, it won’t happen
When they can’t even live with each other.

We have but one planet that we all live on
So its protection is our primary aim
It’s time that we acted together
Before Earth bleeds to death from our shame.

©Joe Wilson – One planet , one goal…2015

False hopes…

Welcome to my world, I’m glad you could come
We’ll sit and swap stories, and perhaps partake rum
Adventures we’ll talk of, of right beating wrong
As we talk like old friends, we’ll compose ode-like song.
The world we will set on the right course again
As ours will be filled with true gentle men
And ladies, our equals with tales of their own
Would make us see reason by raising the tone.
The world carries on as we all have tea
Lots of nice food shared out equally
Till the dream
                …would then finish
                          ……as dreams always do

…and I wake to my real and more cynical view.
Joe Wilson – False hopes…2015