Life in the clichés…

It is what it is, a mantra of mine
And doing ones best and all will be fine
But life gets too complex and it no longer sticks
Somethings are frightening, too frightening to fix.

Many times you see, a solution’s not there
You just have to struggle ’cause life is unfair
So you carry on regardless accepting your fate
And pray for the answer before it’s too late.

At the end of the day it is what it is
Answers came too late and you lost your fizz
Dejected and penniless you’re now on your own
Down in the gutter of life all, alone.

©Joe Wilson – Life in the clichés…2015


I love the sun upon my shoulders
Rain steam in summer on hot stone smoulders
Thunder roars to spectacular lightning
If sometimes it’s even a little bit frightening.
Even the fog can have a good side
You can take yourself into it, to hide
And snow, the beauty for all to behold
Heralds the story of the birth retold.
But there is an element I’ve come to fear
It is my enemy when it gets too near
I try to avoid it come what may
It’s the wind, it just takes my breath away.

©Joe Wilson – Elemental…2015