Who are we – we are one…

The ticking of the clock marks the moments
Since the last breath you took on this Earth
The seconds tick away just like teardrops
As you’re replaced by a much-wanted birth.
And on yet it moves, the cycle of life
Never-ending since the dawning of time
Yet what are we worth who slaughter so
Our such violent nature has no rhyme.

For what are we really, this so savage race
Who would trample down others without thought
Who would take to our weapons in a moment
When more peaceful solutions should be sought.
And yet – there are those with the patience of Job
Who’ve committed to peace all their days
Who would give up their life for another
We are humans with such complex ways.

So many are killing one another
It matters not the colour of the dead
For when you look at the bodies that lie slaughtered
You’ll notice the blood is all red.
And when families all gather to mourn loved ones
In the church of their faith amidst fears
The dead were all once of the one human race
And we all cry the same sad wet tears.

©Joe Wilson – Who are we – we are one…2016