Not to be alone…

And so I arrive at the end of my day
Achieving so little in the time that I’ve had
But passage along my self-guided way
Meant I happened upon you, which made me so glad.
And on we carried in togetherness fond
A love so great and so true
We forged in life love’s greatest bond
Yet now here alone I do so miss you.
For how can a one live a life all alone
The sharing, the joy, and the heartache
You lean on each other like you can’t on your own
Helping each other in decisions you make.
       Never did a man set his feet on God’s earth
       That didn’t have a lover that increased his worth.

©Joe Wilson – Not to be alone…2016

More good intentions


Is the glass half-empty, is it half-full
Or perhaps there’s no glass there at all
Every event that I ever faced
Would have still taken place as I recall.
But my part in them, I controlled myself
For our will to think freely gives us choice
We should use our will now in the moment
With wisdom we’ve earned when raising our voice.
Attack the future with vigour and might
Fend off the negative thoughts that we hold
Face up to the days ahead with courage
For fortune favours the brave and the bold.
       Many are they who would bring you down low
       Free will can help you decide not to go.

©Joe Wilson – Glasses…2016