What news today…

What news today my friends, what news today…

Many more babies have been born into want
Whilst many more weren’t wanted at all
For them, a terrible, difficult life lies ahead
As they fight against ignorance and society’s sprawl.

How many trees have been felled today, how many trees did fall…

All of the gases that leech from the wounds
Where tropical rainforests stood
Slashed by the profiteer company greed
Another piece of Earth that’s shedding its blood.

How goes the war brother, how goes that war…

We watch all those thousands who flee from their land
Evicted by violence as is always the way
Yet leaders on all sides never suffer like this
For the refugee struggle is a price they don’t pay.

Do we love our fellow brethren, do we…

For if a man could truly love his brother
The world would soon somewhat alter
But it would take so very much courage
And be a task from which man can’t falter.

©Joe Wilson – What news today…2016