A comedy of sorts…

For I am Dromio of Syracuse
To many I seem quite mad
But life within this be-twinned noddle
Is full of strangeness though not too bad.
I cannot tell though, my mind’s awash
I’ll speak to brother Dromio
For he is of Ephesus
Where madness reigns I do know.
Yet Antipholus and Antipholus
Such madness they posses
That I poor Dromio of here
May yet be Dromio of there.
O brain I feel I know not who
My Master bids me thus
Yet Dromio of where I fear
Perhaps the he of Ephesus.
And yet Antipholus is quite mad
For he would bid be me that
For I am Dromio not of there
Plain he would talk through his fine hat.
It’s true that being one of two
Does tax the noddle in many ways
For I am Dromio of Syracuse
Less and less it seems these days.
And yet, look there, I see my twin
I see my other self
Perhaps I’m really not so mad
But rich in kin and love in wealth.

©Joe Wilson – A comedy of sorts…2016

This of course is clearly based on the shortest of William Shakespeare’s farces,

The Comedy of Errors.

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