Out of the crumbling mess…

The sun didn’t show its face today
clouds filled a vacant sky in gloom
lightening lit the darkest alleyways bright
and rain fell to the sound of the following thunder.

Such was the awful day in the city and in towns.
And yet!
In the countryside
rabbits frolicked in flower-filled meadows
badgers did their thing,
which is mostly sleep through the day.
Foxes roamed looking for tasty morsels
and birds sang in harmonious tremolo —
and all was well with the world.

Can it be, that the green
the very essence of the countryside
could be the very thing
that saves us,
all of us
from ourselves and our egos?

For it has to be said.
Green, country, trees and wildlife
will never go away
were always here.

Long before society’s clever dicks
who once thought high-risers were
the thing the rest of us needed,
then changed their collective minds
deciding, once more thinking they knew better,
that we needed to meet each other more.
Now they think high-risers are brilliant —
for the nouveau riche of course…

Green will always remain.

Even as once towering concrete monstrosities
collapse in a heap of lung clogging dust,
so plants will slowly push their noses out
of the crumbling remains.

To start again…each time with renewed vigour.

©Joe Wilson – Out of the crumbling mess…2016

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