Two short poems I could never have imagined I’d write.


Fraught, angry, and down at rock-bottom
Nowhere left to go but up
His mind in a turmoil and so full of sorrow
He picked up the bourbon and took a long sup.
No explanation would come to his mind
Only the feelings that he couldn’t control
And yet once again the tears freely flowed
He no longer felt that he had a role.
And such self-loathing now filled his head
He’d lost his way through the dark
The ones that were left had no rudder
Now they’d lost that very bright spark.

Fate had been so merciless
To that they could all confess

©Joe Wilson – Rock-bottom…2016

The pointlessness…

Life has become a thing of such sorrow
Who will I fall out with by nightfall tomorrow
How can I not feel emotions of pain
Without hurting the ones that I love so, again.
Everything seems like a reason to be vile
Until it appears now, it’s becoming my style
I hate myself for it and yet can’t decide
If I still want to be a part of the ride
For I would give anything for one precious smile
Of the one who has gone that I miss all the while.

©Joe Wilson – The pointlessness…2016

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