a life…

“…. But I have promises to keep,. And miles to go before I sleep, …” Robert Frost. a response to a challenge.

…and in that long ago, so happy was the time
I sat with you and bade you listen to me well
I said my love would be and fail you never
And thus to you committed was I for ever.

…and through the years, happy times we’ve known
Yet marred sometimes with sadness ere along
Our love and that of those that we have loved
Has kept us safe and made our backbones strong.

…but yet some things, they seem to overpower
A loss so great I cannot yet understand
But little ones I swore I’d help to raise
As slowly life slipped from that tortured hand.

…and so I find now less important things
Placed far behind that oath I made in grace
For some things need to have ones focussed mind
Like promises I made in that sad place.

…and ere along, though lovers still are we
Our wretched lives more battered now by far
And loss the like we couldn’t have conceived
Will stay for ever now, an unhealed scar.

©Joe Wilson – a life…2016