It’s not just a fag anymore…


Gently, very gently
She held the child in her arms
She was a mother, a protector
And would shield her from all of life’s harms.
Or at least that’s what the lady thought
As she leaned down to coo and smile
As she breathed her nicotine breath on her
And passed germs to her baby so vile.
The child at four got cancer
At six she’s no longer here
Yet the mother still smokes in her sorrow
For those who won’t listen never hear.

©Joe Wilson – It’s not just a fag anymore…2016

How long the night…

How bright the future
When the past holds
So much sadness –

How dark the night
When the days
Were once so bright –

How withered I feel
Where once, not too long ago
I was so full of steel –

How harsh this life
Where those we love
Are dealt such strife –

How sad my heart
Where once upon a time
Such joy I felt –

How long the night
Where once my head
So full of music
Now fills only with tears
As I wait like you
For Him
To guide us Home –

Do we find Him in tragedy?
Or was he simply waiting for us?
Or, is He too, just a figment of our imagination?

©Joe Wilson – How long the night…2016