Sticking plasters…

Run cold the silent weeping heart
Yet warm the tears that fall
While memories of that once keen love
Get harder to recall.

How long the bitter taste can last
As sadness fills the mind
But how the recollections hurt
Of times when life still seemed so kind.

And as with sticking plasters
That cling for just so long
Till wounds that feel so painful
Will leave one less than strong.

Courageously one battles on
To struggle to that bitter end
In hopes, that even loveless
Perhaps one has at least one friend.

For what is life if spent alone
A dark and dismal place
Surely life is more worthwhile
When one can see a smiling face.


It’s fortunate that I have been
One love is all I shared
With one who chose to stay awhile
The only one for who I’ve cared.

©Joe Wilson – Sticking plasters…2016