The consequences of free will…

Rested and Risen
He went out in search
Of the Lord.
Not needing to look
So very far
He looked for Earth’s
New monstrous scar.
Tragically, another war
Where people ran
Where people bled
Seeming to happen
More and more.
‘Why this?’ he asked
A weeping Lord
‘Why must men always kill?’
‘My Son, I cannot stop this
For I gave them all free will.’
‘But you could stop it My Father
With just a wave of your hand.’
‘I cannot My Son, I’m sorry too
But they must learn to understand.’

‘You’ve seen a new-born baby child
They only know how to love
Any hatred learnt as they grow up
Isn’t gifted from above.
And all throughout the centuries
Man has raped and pillaged the land
They’ve treated each other in similar kind
It’s difficult to understand.
They invaded each others country
Robbed gold and silver from source
Then violence rears its ugly head
It seems mans only recourse.

But there are so many others too
Who are different, do so much good
Who reflect all the wonderful qualities
That all humankind really should.
Some work hard in the family home
Raising children to be wise and good
For those who nurture their children
Peace is something that’s well understood.
Others patch up the wounded and spread good cheer
Never asking rewards for them self
They work under fire in war zones
Putting at risk their own health.

These are the people the Earth should be filled with
For they are the planet’s real wealth.

©Joe Wilson – The consequences of free will…2016