That party…

It’s fair to say I will be writing drivel
Say what you will though for I’ll not snivel
But I know I’m drunk, I’ve had four large glasses
Of bourbon and later rum laced with molasses.
At the moment I’m quaffing Jim Beam Double Oak
Inured as I am, it don’t make me choke
But in fairness I’m supping a coffee as well
Though I wouldn’t try driving, that I can tell.
The point of my ditty I must just explain
I really must make it all perfectly plain
I’m attending a party where such is the norm
Yet to be frankly honest, it’s not going a storm.
‘O hello, great time, yes fab, must do it again’
Perhaps we can go now, it’s well after ten
Then something I realised, I’m so out of luck
The party’s at our house, so here I am stuck.

©Joe Wilson – That party…2016