The fear of public speaking…


Upon that discovery
That I was quite good
At gathering each single fact
All manner of topics
My nature it was
The pleasure so real
Not an act.
To continue to learn
Is freedom to me
Knowledge is always
And will be the key.

I would learn of a thing
Then I would learn even more
To know about stuff
Makes one feel more secure.

Yet then it had its downside too
The way of imparting
The knowledge I knew.

‘You boy, Wilson, get up now
Go there to the front and stand
And tell all the class of
The Roman Invasion
And leave nothing out
Or perhaps you’ll tell us
Of Prometheus
And why he is Unbound’
Thus I stood there at the front
And whispered so terrified
For though I tried, I really did
I could not make a sound.

To publicly echo what I felt
A nightmare beyond Hell
And yet I really wanted
To pass on what I’d learned.
But a star on the chart
On the classroom wall
I rarely, rarely earned.

It always was my Achilles heel
To speak and to be heard
As more and more I stumbled
The more I sounded absurd.

But when I expressed
Myself in verse
I finally shrugged
Off shyness’ curse
And streams of nonsense
From me flow
Through people’s ears
And out they go
Yes indeed
I shed that curse
I found release
In poems’ verse…

©Joe Wilson – The fear of public speaking…2017

A new dawn…

The sun came out this morning
And snowdrops
Popped their tiny white and green heads up
The ground was covered in white frost
As Spring announced that she was on her way.
So yet again the seasons change
Other changes happened
And are not to be undone
We brush ourselves down yet once more
As we now ready ourselves, to move on.

The feet feel heavy as they take those first steps
Into a world
Of challenge and new hope
Yet there still lives a taste of bitterness
That makes it hard to hold back
Those salty tears.
And though our memories will linger forever
Of a sweetness now just beyond our reach
We’ll tell all about that magical goodness
In the stories we tell and will teach…

©Joe Wilson – A new dawn…2017

The time for cool heads and democracy…



And so it begins
The dawn of a new era
In which there are
Those of us…many,
Who are sceptical
And yet also fearful
For the future.

Perhaps we should be wary
But maybe
We should give the day
To which every dog
Is entitled
Its chance

Because that is democracy
And that is the way
We do things…

©Joe Wilson – The time for cool heads and democracy…2017

The image is meant as a metaphor for the ridiculousness of it all.

How grey the sky…

Once more the rains came
To soak up my resistance
My heart is now a sea of hurt
From memory’s harsh persistence.
And see how grey the sky now grows
Though still the sun will shine
It warms me not I find these days
For how my heart does pine.

And all the gold from winning
Some mythical jackpot prize
I’d trade for just a moment
Of joy in your sad, sad eyes.
For all the pain that’s in my heart
No more than lives in thine
Is love that fuels this sorrow
In two hearts that intertwine.

©Joe Wilson – How grey the sky…2017

The sign of love…




How deep he sank
In lover’s arms
Beguiled completely
By winsome charms
And she in arms
That held her near
His innate goodness
Drove out her fear.

And thus true love
Was surely found
Yet from their mouths
Came not a sound
Through signs she made
And gestures he
They knew this love
Was meant to be.

They sat a long time signing
Hands on heart in gentle fists
As all who sat around them
Just simply didn’t exist.
And in their lives together
They’ve never been apart
They always greet each other
With gentle hands on heart.

©Joe Wilson – The sign of love…2017

Friends of mine always communicate this way. This is for them.

To Nandrathan – or to caravan…

In the darkest shadows of Nandrathan
There lurks a horror so great
Fools who venture there at night
Can suffer a terrible fate.

For in those darkened shadows
Beyond a door quite small
There is a tiny nightclub
With comedians who’ll appal.

Once you step inside the door
They chain you to your seat
And play back Bernard Manning
Indefinitely – on repeat.

And all comedians that you hate
Are played on video screens
When Davidson steps onto the stage
Escape, by any means.

So if you’re booking tickets
For a stay in Nandrathan
Change you mind, don’t go there
Do the Broads by caravan.

©Joe Wilson – To Nandrathan – or to caravan…2017
This is entirely for fun and are the ramblings of a silly sausage. 😉

The snows were here, for a minute anyway…


The snow fell
Yet once again
Perhaps fortunately,
The wind picked it up
And dumped it
No snowmen
Smiling back
As we drew back
The curtains.
Just the usual
Roads and pathways
Where the less than wary
And the quite frankly careless
Are also dumped
On their now sore behinds
Only to rise up
Red with embarrassment
And with much more care.

But yet once again
That fall of snow
Caused chaos all the way
Schools closed down
Public transport ground
To a halt
It is very much
The British way.
And even as airports struggled
With this fall of snow
Remember there’s
Much more up there
And only
One place it can go!!

©Joe Wilson – The snows were here, for a minute anyway…2017