The brink…

Waking to the joyful sound of a morning bird
In our small quiet house near the green
I was reminded, just for a short while
Of those long ago halcyon days in between
When to feel what I feel would have been absurd.

That nations could tear each other apart
Would have been unthinkable, but then
Even the Cold War seemed peaceful compared
Though the Berlin Wall was a nightmare from when
But the tearing it down seemed a really good start.

And yet here we are some seventeen years in
To a century that is so filled with death
Twin towers fetched down that caused such loss
Continuous warring has taken life’s breath
While innocents are killed for others great sin.

When will enough death be enough death
Will mankind be slaughtered to extinction
Will we never realise the futility of war
If we did it would be our greatest distinction
Yet even now I wait and hold my breath.

©Joe Wilson – The brink…2017