Thank you…

2016 was a terrible year for me, it was a terrible year for our whole family. The hardest thing a man will do is bury his beloved child. Since our daughter’s death in May we have been overwhelmed by how many people miss her as we do and how many wonderful friends she had. I cannot express adequately just how proud we were of her, nor how grateful we were to have known her.

She was a beautiful daughter, a beloved sister, a loving wife and a wonderful mother.
Her indomitable spirit was inspiring, her courage immense, her talents so many.

We have received such tremendous support as to amaze us, from our son, who came home from New Zealand with his awesome wife, we couldn’t have survived without them. Our friends in the village where we live have been staggeringly kind too.

I though, have received tremendous support here in this cyber world that I sometimes live in, and I wish to thank you all for being so kind and indulgent.

Some of you may have noticed that my poems have taken on a darker hue over the last few months. I hope that I can get past that before too long, but then world events may stop me.

Thank you all for your continued support and I hope we all have a better future starting now in 2017.

©Joe Wilson…2017

The history of man…

Long ago in the history of man
He was filled with fear and anger
And war with his neighbours
Was a constant need he thought
For his very survival.
And so it was.

Yet even then there were those
Who had no desire to kill
And oftentimes they were sacrificed as fools
For man was driven by an insatiable drive
To protect, to enlarge and to hoard.
And so it was.

And overtime man found many new ways
To invade and kill his neighbours
And rape women and steal their children
Often selling them to richer tribes
And thus was slavery begun.
And so it was.

Yet still the lonely voice in the wilderness
Cried out for an end to the slaughter
Until finally the voice was heard
And great swathes of history
Tell of peaceful times for all.
And so it was.

But man still felt his warlike need
To dominate the weak and small
And wars continued and yet still do
For man has never learned to quell
That savage rage within his breast.
And thus I fear, it shall remain.

©Joe Wilson – The history of man…2017