Tales of life: Old age~sadness…

Life has now started to overwhelm

Sadly, he no longer feels at the helm

And where he was once in complete control

He often now thinks his brain takes a stroll.

He’s not one for moping and sitting around

Giving a hundred percent for each pound

It’s a rate of exchange that he understands

How one should pay for ones life’s demands.

But it seems too much as the years add up

His fingers can now barely hold a cup

And his voice has developed a wheezy gasp

As many small things seem beyond his grasp.

He sits in the study and reads his book

And ponders the path the journey took

Though he has regrets he can’t recall

When thinking back his mind will stall.

In his long life he’s seen such things

In younger days they gave him wings

To fly and soar, his love nearby

No longer here, it makes him cry.

He feels so very old and worn

A heart once full seems badly torn

And as he sits a silent sigh

Is all it takes, he starts to cry.

‘Where did it go, so quickly too

His life no longer spent with you

And soon his time will come to pass

Then he will join you there at last.’

©Joe Wilson – Old age~sadness…2017