Political humbuggery…

And yet once more we find ourselves here
Vote for me, vote for me
(One hears the calls so stridently)
For I will make the country a better place for all
Sentiments that fill the airwaves, it’s election time
As all of us quite ancient ones will readily recall.

Will it be better this time, O yes. O yes
But of course not, except perhaps for the gullible few
And yet still, once again we place our cross
Like fools who in truth know so much better
As we burn the spam that comes through the door
Oily promises in that creepy personal letter.

Someone will lose everything, some may gain some ground
And as always the losers are the people
In history such has always been found.

Election time — when a country is at war with itself – yet once more.

And democracy – this is no time for democracy, this is politics!! One of those rare occasions where the employer, that’s us, lose out to the employee, whose first job will be to adjust upwards his or her remuneration. Bah! Humbug!

©Joe Wilson – Political humbuggery…2017

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