Mutton on the hoof…

A silly thought popped in my mind
A strange allegiance in my bed
An oddment that I felt for sure
Was with the cabbage on my head.
Which frankly I feel is extreme
When baked with lots of clotted cream
And served with mutton still on hoof
That climb up ladders to the roof
To yell that they are not yet dead
“Go feed on creamy cake instead!”

It’s not that one would be unkind
To eat the mutton while alive
You’d juggle lemons with great skill
While pondering foodless to survive.
For eating meat will keep you strong
And mutton stew is never wrong.
Going without is not too magical
When you take a long cabbagical
As nowt makes sense like good old mutton
With cabbage to give you that drive.

©Joe Wilson – Mutton on the hoof…2017

I was inspired by the nonsensical Mrs Jaypher…
[from The Complete Nonsense Book, edited by Lady Strachey, 1912]

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