A personal viewpoint…

With hope
And good cheer
I look out
At a future
That some already
Call dystopian…
It isn’t!
Yet care is needed.
Political swipes
I’m sure I’ll make
The government
Deserves it
For goodness sake
And tears I’ll shed
When I see the poor
For wealth ain’t divided
To equal the score.
My bit will be done
I’ll pay my way
And in return
I’ll have my say.

Yet life can offer
Big surprises
Which sometimes come
In odd disguises
So I am not
Bereft of hope
Life is hard
But most will cope.
But hearts and minds
Still need to change
A simple thing
Not really strange.
A world without
Such bigotry
A human race
In dignity.
We should bear
Such things in mind
This better world
Would then be

©Joe Wilson – A personal viewpoint…2018

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