tusque sit, alieno tempore…

He sat quietly in the corner
No longer wishing to be disturbed
Reflecting on how things had recently gone
And frankly, he was quite perturbed.

It had shown great promise in early heady days
Ebullience had filled him with joy
But as events had slowly unwrapped themselves
He felt like some battered envoy.

Explosions and killing, poverty and hunger
Were the lot of so many across nations
And soldiers again fighting for political whores
To spend their last years in sad recuperation.

Yet the miracle of birth still took place throughout
A joy to behold worldwide
He hoped they’d grow up into healthy young souls
Who’d try to stop this growing dark tide.

So it came to an end as always it did
The bells would strike twice after ten
Then he’d rise and put on his greatcoat
Through the door and not seen again.

As he leaves a bright young thing enters
Full of hope as once he’d been too
The world though is in a difficult state
So this year, she has much to do!

©Joe Wilson – tusque sit, alieno tempore…2018

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