Will I Always Feel This Lost?

I hear a sound, perhaps it’s the wind
I’ve even imagined that maybe it’s Him
It’s only a whisper as quiet, so quiet
Calling a name, a name, I’m not sure
I think if He called He’d want someone pure.

But does He exist? I lost all my faith
In my denial I’ve always felt safe
I could claim His existence was purely a myth
Though now as years start to dwindle away
I find I’m not sure, I’m minded to say.

Life is so precious, I hold it so dear
I want to gather all those I care for near
But I’m hearing that whisper again, but so quiet
Is it calling or am I willing it on?
Show yourself voice — or dammit be gone!

It’s quiet now, did I offend
My distorted emotion tried to pretend
I want Him to be real, most surely I do
But the loss is still raw after all of these years
Could He ever explain why I still shed my tears?


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