Mrs Pruitt

The old hands don’t dust any more for Nell Pruitt
Since arthritis set in they just cannot do it
She shuffles through the flat with the aid of a stick
She was a proud working woman and it makes her feel sick.
To ask for the help that they don’t want to give
She’s certain that they’d prefer her not to live.

Nell had worked hard through the Second World War
One of the girls making bullets and more
Lots of her friends had gone off to the fight
Of some of them that was Nell’s last ever sight.
But she survived thankful and got married to Dan
Outliving their children was not part of the plan.

Dan passed away when he was just sixty two
Nell cried for a long time not able to move
Eventually though she worked her way through it
She was made of stern stuff old Mrs Nell Pruitt
And she did love the garden where she spent most of her time
Growing herbs for her friends, mainly rosemary and thyme.

Now the years have moved on and Nell’s hands are much worse
She looks on them just as another life’s curse
She’s seen the young doctor who’s treated her well
Not holding out hope from his face she could tell
So she shuffles about trying hard not to think
As the pain’s getting worse and Nell’s starting to sink.


3 thoughts on “Mrs Pruitt

  1. Niobe Vidal

    “But she survived thankful and got married to Dan
    Outliving their children was not part of the plan.”

    These two lines (starkly put together like that) just made everything a shade sadder than it would normally be.


    1. Thanks Niobe, sad as it is, I’m glad it works. Sadly in life we all encounter people who have the misfortune to go through these kinds of trauma. Loved your ‘escaping eighteen’. 🙂

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