A Trip to the Seaside

The old and now empty railway track
Where iron horses will never come back
Carried trains along it on two four four
Driving along to the Welsh sea shore.

Children would travel with bucket and spade
Later to wonder at castles they’d made
While Mum and Dad with bags by three
Wondered if they’d brought enough for tea.

From Stafford station they pulled away
Stopping at Newport along the way
Then Shrewsbury town and Machynlleth too
Stopping at Barmouth just after two.

Passengers piled out in their droves
Most of them looking for shallow coves
Mums carrying babies who’d often screech
Heading for quiet spots left on the beach.

To Mum and Dad it was a well earned rest
From their working days and household stress
And the joy of seeing children have such fun
It meant the holidays had begun.

Some days later, maybe three or four
Passengers waited by carriage doors
And back to their homes they all would go
With tales to tell to folks they know.

And as they journeyed East again
Saying goodbyes to holiday friends
They felt refreshed and enjoyed the ride
As the train sped away from the wild Welsh tide.


The Nightmare…


When the world comes to an end
for me at least – I will be alone.
I have known my love since
I was a callow sapling
she taught me everything I know about

I’ve never known anyone like her
and now – I would be alone…forever.

I couldn’t cope
I would mope about
long, long quiet moments
then I would shout
O how I would shout.

It would be hell on earth
– unbearable.

It is the nightmare
that stops me sleeping…

©Joe Wilson – The nightmare…2014

The Lady on the Hill

I see a fine looking lady sitting on a hill
Pretty flowers all around her and she’s sitting so still
She is watching a little girl play with a ball
She smiles at the sight and is totally enthralled.

The little girl laughed as she chased the ball down
If she got too far away the fine lady frowned
One time the ball ran over my way
So I rolled it right back, she continued to play.

The lady then opened a hamper to eat
There were biscuits and cakes and many a treat
The little girl tried a small sandwich at first
Biting it gingerly with her tiny lips pursed.

She was smiling again as she ate a cream cake
That was much more enjoyable, there was no mistake
After fruit juice and tea it was all put away
They gathered their things and called it a day.

I often see them both up on the hill
I sit here and watch them and smile
The girl calls me Daddy, the fine lady, dear
And we all leave together for our home close to here.


If You Love someone

If you are with someone
If you stay with that someone always
If almost every thought includes that person
If you care for them like no one else
If you try really hard never to hurt them
If you try desperately never to disappoint them
If you stay awake until they sleep to be sure they’re safe
And if you rise early to watch them wake so that you can see in the new day together
You are enjoying being in love with that someone
In the way I enjoy being in love with you.


The Errant Hose

I’ve got an urgent appointment
I’m absolutely all of a rush
I have to get there quickly
And I’m starting to feel a hot flush.

Hunting around with my shirt hanging out
It’s missing! It’s missing! I let out a shout.

Whenever I have to dress for a date
If ever I get there I’m dreadfully late
It’s not punctuality that comes as a shock
It’s that I always manage to lose a sock.


My Aunt’s Cat

He often wanders down the street
And depending on his mood
He’ll lie right down and take the sun
He sleeps or plays, he’ll walk or run.

Nothing seems beyond his reach
There’s very little you could teach
He gets in places others can’t
He’s often stroked by my old aunt.

He likes to curl up by my aunt’s side
Purring shows he’s satisfied
He is indeed a handsome cat
If he could talk he’d tell you that.

Sometimes he’ll bring a mouse indoors
Playing with it with his paws
Aunt’ll chase him out again
My aunt, she is the mouse’s friend.

Who would own such a naughty cat
Not those next door, we all know that
For they’ve a dog with a long, long tail
And cat just bites it without fail.

Dog chases cat, aunt chases dog
Around the garden they all jog
That’s when the cat jumps on the fence
He always wins – he’s too much sense.

For now we’ll leave him and my aunt
He’s fed and there’s nothing he will want
They’re both asleep right by the fire
It’s late and time old cats retire.


I Remember The Mallard

As boys we sat atop a bridge
And saw the trains rush by
Steam flying out of funnel stacks
We watched them pass with a sigh.

The Royal Scot was a favourite
The Flying Scotsman too
But the biggest thrill we ever got
Was when The Mallard raced right through.

Such a beauty she was in livery
All blue and shining and bright
And to children like us in the fifties
She was such an amazing sight.

She was the four four six eight
And she ran on four six two
You couldn’t see her funnel stacks
For speed they were hidden from view.

They’d built her up in Doncaster
Through a wind tunnel she had passed
And when she flew along the tracks
You caught a glimpse and gasped.

Steam trains of course don’t run now
Except on heritage lines
But smelly and dirty as they may have been
They were a glorious sight in their times.


Paranoia – the covert kind

I never heard a single thing
I just dropped to the ground
The bullet came from a thousand yards
And it never made a sound.

But the devil missed and didn’t know
I’d made it look so good
I’d fallen very carefully
And burst the bags of blood.

The killer left immediately
With presumption of a kill
And I’ll lie still as if I’m dead
I’ll wait patiently – until.

The warning came by text last night
As always from an unknown source
So very, very carefully
I’d slightly changed my course.

The bullet would have hit me
Of that I have no doubt
It’s only due to the warning
That I’m alive to sort it out.

Who would want to kill me?
Who would want me dead?
Who will find that they will die
By my gun-hand instead?

Well of course I know who did it
He does the same as me
But he works for a different master
Which makes him – the enemy.

Our covert life, the secrecy
Seemed to satisfy a goal
But after all the years of death
You realise the toll.

No longer can I trust the team
That sends me out to kill
Their desperate need to dominate
The arrests, the rumour mill.

I’m down below the radar now
I’ll watch and wait, and then
When all the parts fall into place
I’ll remove at least two men.

The first has tried to kill me
Of course, I’m killing him
The second is my villainous boss
Who I found connived with him.

This sounds like paranoia
But just you try it for a while
When you kill people for a living
It rare you’ll want to smile.

I’m moving on again now
Of me you’ll find no trace
You’ll come and look but never find
And you’ve never seen my face.


The Wind’s Crazy Dance

The wind blows hard and the leaves merrily prance
Flitting about like characters in some hysterical dance
High in the air they fly like a train
As if held aloft by an invisible chain

Held there in a perfect symmetrical stance
Then its off again in the wild crazy dance.

Round and round they dance in a ring
The wind makes them dance, and it seems to sing
He’s in control now, the king of the skies
Blowing about anything as much as he likes.

First there’s a crack, then a branch hits the ground
A tile from a roof falls to a great crashing sound
Window panes rattle as the wind rushes about
Making such a noise as some even fall out.

And then the wind drops and the noise is no more
The things in the air? They just fall to the floor.



The days are cold, the nights draw in
The air outside is getting thin
We close our doors and stay inside
From Mr Frost we surely hide.

But while we sit in front of fires
Old Jack Frost he never tires
Drawing pictures on the glass
He brings with him an icy blast.

How intricate are Jack’s designs
Diamonds, curves and fuzzy lines
Each place he calls a different show
How he does it, we just don’t know.

And soon the days are not so cold
We venture out now feeling bold
And in the ground the new shoots show
As plants wake up and start to grow.

Back to the North Pole Jack will go
To rest amongst the ice and snow
When the mercury begins to fall
He’ll come again as if he’s called.