The Choice

right way wrong way

The ever reducing spiral of the mind winds tighter,
tighter like a coil wrapped round a wiring loom
Until the tension causes it to snap, and
within the consciousness of man all hell breaks loose
And one will paint the finest representation of life,
while yet another will turn to the gun and kill
Thus exposing and exploding the myth and proving
man’s control of his own destiny, and his right to choose.

Path thus chosen will your life be that of the artist
who struggles to create and entertain and educate
Or will you choose the more deadly path
of violence and easy money and unlawfully acquired gain
Will you be a man of whom your parents
would one day be proud and say he always did his best
Or will you be the man who spends his every waking moment
serving out to others some ill-deserved pain.

You are a full-grown man now, you have to make a choice,
and that will show which way you choose to walk in life
Will you walk a wise man’s path working hard the honest way
and will you make your mark with pride
Or choose the darker path of distrust and deceit
and thus dishonour all who gave you help along the way
A path that causes those who cared far more for you
than you for them, to take the choice from you to hide.

These things of good and bad you now must choose about,
but take this thought with you to your heart
The path is not chosen for you, free-will,
remember, it’s yours and yours alone
So consider this when you ponder, it’s a choice
you may come to regret, if you choose the lawless way
And if you live that life, you must take into account,
the fact that you may just simply die on your own.


©Joe Wilson – The Choice 2014