She Thought It Rained Today

old lady

She thought it rained again today
But the rain was in her mind
The frailty that now struck her down
Was so brutally unkind.

There were some times when it felt so bad
And others when it all came back
But just for a fleeting moment
As if she was peering through a crack.

Her senses were leaving her slowly
Her eyesight was failing her now
And when she needed the lavatory
Well, the bag on her wheelchair was how.

She remembers she thinks she’s a burden
Or is her memory playing tricks on her too
She just wishes that it would all go away
Or does she, she’s forgotten that too.


©Joe Wilson – She Thought It Rained Today 2014

The European Elections


I’m minded today we have a choice
to make our mark and raise our voice
but there are those, it’s very funny
who’d tell you how they’d spend your money.

All over Europe pundits gather
getting themselves in quite a lather
giving opinions on issues political
trying to make them sound so critical.

Skeletons found in many a cupboard
the found out grimace, some have blubbered
and later when all votes are counted
disappointment follows campaigns mounted.

In Germany too they’ll do their thing
as seats stay put or make a swing
France and Italy, Ireland too
votes for Europe are quite a to-do.

Votes are counted on Sunday of course
and Dimbleby brothers roll out in force
the great Swingometer comes into play
as seats are won across the UK.

After all the dust has settled
new MEPs all keen and mettled
all take their seats with po-faced pride
personal pleasure they try to hide.

And so to business for some it’s new
there are many and various things to do
like getting claims in for their expenses
the sitting places – the search for fences.

Alliances to make are the next big thing
who’ll vote with you on anything
but represent those who for you voted
or you’ll be out next time, I hope that’s noted.


©Joe Wilson – The European Elections 2014