Tick tock

pocket watch_edited

Tick tock tick tock the time just slips on by
I sit here writing at my desk and feel there’s much to say
But does it make a difference, I ponder that last thought
Reflecting if in recent times my advice has been sought.

Tick tock tick tock who knows what is our worth
I surely don’t but I know yet, each one is not worth less
The ones with lots, the ones with nought, and the rest of us in between
Should be more sharing of our bounty, for less is too obscene.

Tick tock tick tock the one thing that you’ll learn
Is that when your life is weighed up the money doesn’t count
There is one and only one thing that doesn’t count for nought
It’s whether in your time on earth your friendship has been sought.


©Joe Wilson – Tick tock 2014

Just getting on with life


The years get ever shorter
the number I’d not bet
but it’s not been a bad life
least-ways not up to yet
though there have a few things
its best that we forget.

That time I faced that big bloke
who was giving you the eye
I kicked him in the knackers
he still might wonder why
I caught him as he left the pub
he gave me a big black eye.

The times you almost lost me
you were waiting when I woke
I knew the hurt you were feeling
though not a word was spoke
you covered it up so bravely
and your spirit never broke.

The time when you were poorly
we worried for months so long
yet you were so amazing
your determination strong
I realise so many times
I’m right where I belong.

Retired now we still hold hands
as we go along our way
we remember to say ‘I love you’
each and every day
and as I sit down with my writing
I wouldn’t choose another way.

So yes we are in the twilight years
But we’re not about to fold
we won’t be hanging our boots up
we prefer behaving bold
and we won’t be taking it easy
we just don’t do what we’re told.


©Joe Wilson – Just getting on with life 2014