Not Gone


A whisper of your perfume fills my senses
And once again I’m dropped to my knees
The thought runs right through me like a shiver
And I stop as I feel my heart freeze.

I can’t go on like this much longer
You’ve gone and I’m now on my own
My heart’s full of pain I can barely endure
The loss of you aches through my bones.

I find myself in all of our old haunts
Thinking of you and your loving smile
Imagining that you’re here by my side once again
Gives me strength, but just for a short while.

I’m now standing here in front of this dark stone
With your name engraved on it in gold
With our sad little boy who now holds onto my hand
And I’m forced to remain so controlled.

His poor little face looks so sad and so pale
Such tears that have burnt onto his face
His pain from the knowing that you’ll never return
That you’ve gone to a far different place.

Your presence though is yet still within me
I can sense that you’re all around now
To me you’re not here beneath this cold dark stone
You will never be here in the ground.


©Joe Wilson – Not Gone 2014

It’s Not Always What You Think…

He feels the pull of his aching heart
His resistance was always a sham
He gives himself up to her gladly
You live once so he cares not a damn.

Why had he resisted these long years
The big cat he’d always admired
He decided he just wouldn’t wait anymore
And bought the Jag on the day he retired.


©Joe Wilson – It’s Not Always What You Think 2014

This is just for a bit of fun, our load and our spirits need a slight lift occasionally.