He was a dignified man, quiet and still
And it was long years since he’d felt such a pain
But the haunting voice he now heard in his head
Was calling him in a challenge again.

He knew the dark monster had risen yet again
He felt it in every fibre of his being
So he gathered his belongings and left his small room
To face the vile creature he’d soon be seeing.

Bellepheron summoned the winged horse
He armed himself with his spear
The Chimera was such a mighty beast
And it’s flaming breath was to fear.

But Bellepheron had a plan for that
He loaded his spear up with lead
And upon his attack on the fearsome beast
He dropped it and it’s throat blocked instead.

Bellepheron became a hero defeating the Amazons too
He defeated the Soylmi and many other tribes
But his ego was getting a little too large
And assassins were beginning to take bribes.

Bellepheron sadly suffered from hubris
And Zeus caused him to fall to the earth
Where as a blinded and crippled lonely hermit
He lived a poor life – no longer of worth.

©Joe Wilson – Bellepheron 2014

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