The word is STOP…

I’ve never killed in my long life
neither enemy soldier, politician, nor wife
This feat that causes me no surprise
Is what we call living in its normal guise.

I would never be so naïve as to say
The pen is always the only way
But it seems to me that war only proved
Who will remain, and who is removed.

And all this killing that leaves nations bereft
With the vile bitter cordite smell that is left
Widows lose husbands, fathers lose sons
Babies are dying from the barrels of guns.

To save nations weapons of course must be used
But there are so many people who are being abused
And when one discusses what is now simply absurd
There is nothing that is mightier than the word.

©Joe Wilson – The word is STOP…2014


“War does not determine who is right – only who is left”.
Bertrand Russell

5 thoughts on “The word is STOP…

  1. There is nothing that is mightier than the word.

    I completely disagree. The word is mighty but so many times we see that word trampled on. Think the people facing ISIS haven’t said “stop”?
    How about the people being beaten — in the streets, in prisons, in torture chambers – across the world haven’t cried, pleaded, begged, whispered, cried, “stop”?

    Stop with the ability to enforce the word — that is powerful.

    Bob S.

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