There is only one Earth…

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I look in wonder at all I see
each flower, tree, bird and bee.

All these amazing things on earth
that fill its air and all its girth.

But what do we civilised animals do
we cut them, burn them, shoot them too.

We ravage forests for our own needs
ignoring harm we do to breeds.

We only think about ourselves
of stocking up our winter shelves.

Or eating so we get so fat
you don’t see ‘animals’ doing that!

We fill the skies with poisonous gases
killing each other with bombing passes.

Destroying wildlife habitats
to build new roads and boxy flats.

That stop the waters soaking in
and flood the lands that we live in.

And then we have a conference
where those who care get all incensed.

As promises and targets are pencilled in
with chance of actions wearing thin.

In years to come when it’s too late
we’ll wonder why we let it wait.

©Joe Wilson – There is only one Earth…2014

It’s getting a little late…

14 thoughts on “There is only one Earth…

  1. mthomaswhite

    “Why we let it wait.” Such a brilliant line. Those word hold power. May I reblog? Of course, all credit would go to you and this would be linked back to your blog!

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    1. I’ve looked into this and found that if you click on the actual post rather than the front page the reblog button appears. It apparently only shows in the actuals posts themselves. Hope that’s helpful. Joe

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