I guess I missed you around today
My nerves were all on edge
I thought about you often
And of that infernal wedge.
But the fact is folk are dying
And I think you should do more
In fact, it seems to me sometimes
Your performance is quite poor.
What’s that I hear you say to me
What is it that I do
I guess you have a point there
Should I sit and watch like you?
You see,
I’m never sure that I believe
The things I hear of you
Such evil roams about this world
Folks don’t know what to do.
Some put their faith in you so much
But see those hopes get dashed
Where cultures and religions meet
It’s less than peaceful when they’ve clashed.
But who am I, a simple soul
I’m sure your plan is wise
Though man should suffer for his sins
It’s hard to look in sufferings’ eyes.

©Joe Wilson – Faith…2016

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