Two Shorts…


My dearest friend…

My very, very dearest friend
I say these words so true
In faith I know not where I’d be
Were it not for you.
For when I hit rock-bottom
I know you’ll help me up
And if I feel myself alone
You’ll come and share a cup.

The simple truth is always there
It stares us in the face
The world in all its vastness
Can be a lonely place.

©Joe Wilson – My dearest friend…2016

Salted tears…

I turn and watch the noon-day sun
And salted tears dry on my face
The echoes of your perfume
Linger with the slightest trace.
So many times we came here
Yet still, I come myself
For you have all but gone now
You wandered off in silent stealth.

Yet though I hold you in my arms
Sometimes I see your fears
For you just don’t remember me
And that’s what brings the tears.

©Joe Wilson – Salted tears…2016

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