Who in the Hell do we think we are…

And finding ourselves
What next!
What wonder of technology
or genius thinking
could ever
thousands of years
of prejudice
and contempt,
and not the least,
Nothing that could replace
an acceptance of each other
and a coming together
of hearts
and minds
in realising
that all pervading truth.
We all live here,
we all die here.
Harmonious living
is surely less problematic.
(Here you can insert any WAR you choose),
for it has always been
Man’s greatest weakness
the thing which undermines him most
and yet seemingly,
his greatest undertaking.
Man is such a violent beast
we almost deserves no place here.
For in our selfishness
we destroy
the very beauty
of the planet itself.
Perhaps it’s time
we finally realised.
is not a practice run.
It is the real thing.

©Joe Wilson – Who in the Hell do we think we are…2016

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