The amazing power of love…

It was a woeful time he’d been through
He survived only by the help of his friends
And now, though young still in his head he knew
His body was falling to bits as nature intends.

So he called his friends and he told them
How much that he loved them one and all
And how life was much better in his knowing
How they’d helped him in ways he could recall.

Then he called to his brother to tell him too
He loved him no matter the things from before
He called to his sister and told her
He loved her, he should have told them more.

Lastly he called to those in his heart
To his wife, his son, and that now empty space
He told them he loved as he always had
And as always he saw her beautiful face.

We should say, we should say, to those that we care for
How truly we love them and as often as we can
And for this there are no real requirements
You just stand up and say it like a man.

©Joe Wilson – The amazing power of love…2016

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