To Nandrathan – or to caravan…

In the darkest shadows of Nandrathan
There lurks a horror so great
Fools who venture there at night
Can suffer a terrible fate.

For in those darkened shadows
Beyond a door quite small
There is a tiny nightclub
With comedians who’ll appal.

Once you step inside the door
They chain you to your seat
And play back Bernard Manning
Indefinitely – on repeat.

And all comedians that you hate
Are played on video screens
When Davidson steps onto the stage
Escape, by any means.

So if you’re booking tickets
For a stay in Nandrathan
Change you mind, don’t go there
Do the Broads by caravan.

©Joe Wilson – To Nandrathan – or to caravan…2017
This is entirely for fun and are the ramblings of a silly sausage. 😉

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